About us

The DroiD project is a non-profit project founded in 2010 with an aim to support the growing Android community in Slovakia and bring the world’s most widespread platform closer to all users, including those who do not speak any English.

The DroiD Project is focused on cooperation with developers of Android applications in order to bring free translations of selected applications, however it also aims at providing motivation and assistance to members of the Android community, as well as encouraging other translators to cooperate with us and therefore create a larger group of translators making it possible to increase the number of translated applications all in one place, where the user can pick from a wide selection of applications in their mother language, i.e. Slovak.

The DroiD Project was founded by Loránt Gerencsér and Vanda Gerencsérová, later joined by Martin Jurík who became a long-term and permanent member of the DroiD team. In 2013 Tomáš Pytlíček joined the DroiD project as technical support and another member of the translation team.

The DroiD Project also offers free publishing of your translation on our website. If you have translated or are planning to translate an Android application to Slovak, we offer the opportunity to share your translation via our project. For further information concerning sharing your translation or becoming a member of the translation team please contact us at info(at)droid.sk


Contact information:

The DroiD Project
Ing. Loránt Gerencsér
Email: info(at)droid.sk